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Final Post

I have completed my research, written my findings and will now add the conclusion.  The research process has been interesting but has taken quite some time to finish as citing images and references seemed to take as long as the blog writing.  I have learnt to be patient especially when things didn't go to plan but I'm tired of staring at the computer screen trying to write my thoughts.  I'm not a touch typist so I virtually have to watch every keystroke.  I was talking to a friend and mentioned that I was writing a blog on printing.  As he owns a wide collection of books, I was invited to borrow any that were suitable.  Reading is a passion and quite often I lose track of time.  It comes as a shock to find that I've spent hours enjoying a book when I should have been doing mundane everyday things around the house!  Originally, I was researching my subject on-line, but now I find the books (although printed 30 to 40 years ago) quite compelling.  I will write the final review for the blog shortly.  The blog itself is finished and after a few touch-ups, I will not be tempted to alter anything.  I have to watch this because it's very easy to fiddle with images and include stuff that's not necessary.