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Research Process

My first step in researching this topic has lead to Encyclopaedia Britannica Online:

Crompton, SW 2004, The printing press, Chelsea House, Philadelphia.
Man, J 2002, The Gutenberg revolution: the story of a genius and an invention that changed the world, Review, London.

I’m starting to believe that I will tend to include too much information and that it will become bogged down. I want the reader to remain interested and not fall asleep!
I have a great deal of trouble with my ‘dial-up’ internet especially if podcasts are involved. I downloaded images from Google (at least 30) but failed to record their URL’s. This was a disaster as I then spent many hours trying to find the image again and checking the path. There are quite a few missing links so I then had to rethink the use of these pictures.
The URL’s are:

Some great articles are:
History of printing by Peter Mercer, Curator of History, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery>rack=pthc#ixzz0wpBFCZCQ