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Final Review

Finally, post a blog about your experience with these new tools
  • Has it been fun?
Learning something new is important.  It helps me to feel as though I am capable of thinking things through, resolving problems and becoming motivated by new ideas.  When the pressure of completing the task evaporated; it was ‘fun’, however, for me it was more rewarding to think that I had mastered a modern innovation!
  • What have you enjoyed most?
At first I wondered if I would be able to find enough information without becoming too bogged down; wandering away from the subject.  Reading:  being able to envisage the early era of print; realizing that it took hundreds of years to evolve to the present day standard and how important the printed word was for shaping our civilization.
Learning:  how to find the ‘right’ pictures to ‘dress-up’ the blog and being able to insert them into the best place without stuffing up!  Simply being able to complete the blog and be happy with the outcome.     
  • What was the most difficult task?
To stop writing:  so much information.  Learning how to insert video clips and do the RSS feed.  Seemed like I’d never do these things until I got on with the job and learnt.  Stay with the blog set-up that I’d chosen – I had to force myself from altering it every time I logged on!
  • Have you surprised yourself? How?
Yes – by conquering the blog.  I don’t know what anyone else thinks about it – but I’m quite pleased with my effort.  Creating the blog was so much easier than trying to create the web site.   
  • Will you use any of these tools in the future?
Doubtful because once I have completed the Diploma, I will probably not use my computer again.  However, Terry (from Cataloguing 3 class – semester 1 - 2010) has started a blog for library students and he updates it weekly so I try to keep in touch this way.  Living away from the city makes it hard.